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With the increasing number of registered small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Belgium, the need to have a consultative framework that can provide their business and operations with a fresh perspective is gradually growing. With the sole intention to help SMEs scale their business, we, at BLOB, strive to offer business enablement via a consultative framework to these SMEs and give them a wide array of high-quality solutions at reasonable prices. Increasing competition between these SMEs has led their Chief Executive Officers (CXOs) to spend most of their time on everyday business key performance indicators (KPIs). We intend to step into their shoes and dedicatedly focus on creating and maintaining an innovative approach to enable their business with growth hacking, thereby making it hassle-free for them.

In this fast and dynamic environment where they are constantly exposed to new challenges and obstacles at various stages, managing a uniform staff is not only expensive but also invaluable to the bottom line of business. BLOB is vehemently working towards creating a vast team of dynamic CXOs, who serve as growth hackers and advisors for these SMEs, to take their business to a whole new and enhanced higher level.


For every CEO, Investor the most important part of the business is the bottom line

We believe that today's modern day start-ups and SMEs require a consultative approach to help them scale their business. At various growth stages, they need a different skill set of workers in a fast and dynamic variable environment. Hiring a fixed work force except the key team members is costly, time consuming and the attrition rates always harm the bottom lines. At BLOB, we believe we can solve this by providing business enablement via a consultative frame work, and deliver the highest quality results at reasonable prices. We think like a CEO and we plan to build a team of many dynamic CEOs who will act as growth hackers and advisors for these SMEs to take the leap to the next level of growth

Meet our experts

Tim Noens

Managing Partner

Tim has been an established entrepreneur for the past 10 years. He took over a small computer store and transformed it into a full B2B IT Service provider...

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Apoorva Ruparel

Managing Partner

Apoorva has 15 + years of experience in the Consulting, IT, Telecommunication and Networking industry at various levels with multinational...

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Pieter-Jan Boeye

Support Engineer

Pieter-Jan is a young, hardworking, sincere and enthusiastic individual. He strives to learn any and all aspects of his favourite vertical,...

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